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Jaguar Princess Slot Game

The Jaguar Princess is a guardian of a vast domain of wild cats in a dark jungle, including pumas, leopards, and snow leopards. To reap the riches she desires, she must fight all the antagonists and win the battle against the big cats. The promise of unlimited riches lures the Princess from her natural habitat.

H5G created this exciting online slot game. It has been prevalent due to its numerous Facebook slot machines. This is a 4-by-6 reel matrix that offers a wide range of bonuses and payouts, including a “stacked symbol Bonus,” “wild” bonus, and a bonus “free games bonus,” as well as a wide variety of stakes and lines. Despite being set in an alternate world, Jaguar Princess is one of our free slots for iPhones that allows you to play on iPhones and iPads as well as Macbooks.

Are you a wild cat or a pussycat?

While you might prefer to relax by the fire, Big-Cat instincts will ensure that you emerge unscathed. The big majestic cats look magnificent, and the Princess isn’t too shabby either (or tabby). The dark jungle background makes it feel like you’re on an adventure.

There are many prizes for you to grab your hands on!

Jaguar Princess has many ways for players to win. However, you can use no magic strategy to increase your chances. You’ll need to trust your luck to match any three-six letters. Your reward will be 1-20. Emerald rings, gold bracelets, and cat’s tooth necklaces will give you between 4-30.

You’ll be richly rewarded if you win the battle of the big cats. You can get rewards for leopards, snow leopards, and panthers from 8 for three symbols to 15 for four, 30, and five, respectively, and 60 and six for six.

The Jaguar Princess will generously pay out 4 to 6 symbols and 10 for 3, 20, 40, 50, 50, 50, 100, and 100, respectively. To activate the free-games bonus, you must get at least 12 to 16 symbols on the matrix. This will give you a matching number of free spins. Free games can only be played at the same stake as your lines and will feature Jaguar claws on reels 2-5.

Super stacks allow symbols to be transferred into other games’ characters. However, all characters in a neat pile will become the same symbol at anytime. The wild symbol can be substituted for any character, and six wild symbols have a value of 600.

Big cats – big money?

High-rollers will enjoy playing for enormous sums with a maximum stake of 10.0 per line and 50 lines. There are 40 options available, with each line starting at 1 line x 0.01 per line. This makes the game accessible to everyone. Many sites offer a free bonus to play this game. This means you could win real money and not risk any of your own money.

Is it making you purr?

You will be hooked on this game repeatedly because of the addictive graphics, large cats, and rich rewards. You can read our casino reviews online to find trusted places to play your favorite casino games.