Online scams are growing in popularity. There seems to be an online scam every where you look. To help you save money, I’m here to highlight a few of these frauds. These scams are not worth your money. I’ve been a victim of many different types of frauds. These are the top five biggest scams.

–1) Foreign Lottery scams

These scams are everywhere online, and I’m constantly amazed at their variety. These scams are so popular that I don’t even know why. However, I have never seen anyone make any money off them. It is impossible to predict what the lotto will bring.

–2) Scams in Car Buying

These people will pretend that they are far away or overseas from you. They will try to convince your to send them a cashier’s check. They will never be able to have real-life contact with you. The problem is that 99% of those doing this send cheques using stolen or forged bank drafts.

–3)Casino Slot Scams

Online gambling is huge today. There are so many people out there trying to scam others. Many ebooks are available to show you how to make money playing casino slots. It is impossible to predict how the slots machines will behave. There is no mathematical formula. Do not believe anyone telling you otherwise.

–4)Online Dating Scams

It is no secret that sex is the most popular thing. You could get in trouble if you try to contact them via yahoo messenger or attempt to chat with them by clicking one of these links. It is best to avoid them altogether.

–5) Myspace Scams

Myspace scams look a lot like online dating scams. You will be approached by a very attractive girl who will ask you to become her friend. She will then pretend to post fake messages and hit you with a “come to my on my cam” message. These are the types of posts that I’ve seen friends spend more than $1000 on in minutes.

You can see that there are always people out to get you or the system. I will do my best for you to make informed decisions. Best of luck in everything you do.