Few days back, I was travelling from Canberra (Australia) to America. I was getting bored when I reached there in hotel. I was so exhausted that time. I was trying to get rid of boring by playing with my mobile phone that time.

I was looking forward for playing some online games. Suddenly I remembered that once I won a promo code for free spins at a casino website. I opened that online pokies site. There was a sign up page on which I had to give some of my contact details. Soon I had completed entire process of login.

Now I had to select one contest from the endless list on that site. Soon I selected the event in which I was going to participate. But before participation I wanted to go through review, so I started reviewing 7 sultans on different websites, I found it most reliable among all slots during reviewing.

I was going to play an event which is offered by seven sultans, it was a flash game and quite understandable poker machine. It had some cool graphics and few wild symbols and very attractive theme too. I played some spins without betting and I understood the whole process of that event very soon. After spending some time, I thought for betting.

I start betting with minimum amount, because I knew there was huge risk to be lost. And happened what I’d thought, I lost that spin. But I was not so much sad because I bet for minimum that didn’t able to make effect on me. I continued playing and won some chances. I lost many chances but my winning prize was higher than losing amount. And in the middle of the event I won bonus once. I was enjoying that pokie. I played that slot for almost three hours.

When I perceived that I was getting late, I quit playing. I was going to take rest because I had to leave the hotel in early morning. I had to go to New York in next morning. Before sleeping I wanted to download the app for this contest. So I downloaded one application so that I could enjoy it whenever I want.